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Alex, originally from Western Australia, has explored the globe extensively, while my wife, Alfi, hails from Indonesia. Together, we have become specialists in travel destinations worldwide, with a particular focus on Australia and Bali.

Through our numerous journeys across the globe, we’ve experienced firsthand the advantages of engaging a professional travel advisor. Similarly, our travels throughout Indonesia and Australia have revealed various challenges, where travellers often find themselves at a disadvantage, facing unexpected expenses with no support, especially when booking on their own.

This insight led us to establish the Travel Connections Club. Our mission is to support travellers and Travel Advisors in planning their vacations to Bali and Australia, leveraging our insider knowledge only true locals possess. We are committed to saving you significant time, money, and providing peace of mind with the Travel Connections Club.

Alex Ironside - Travel Connections Club
Handara Gates. Alex Ironside - Travel Connections Club

Extraordinary Travel Experiences

When I finally got back home from my long travels I still found myself wanting to travel at every opportunity I could, which meant taking long weekends away to Bali, booking frequent trips to different Asian and sometimes European cities where I have seen incredible places like Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand and Berlin in Germany to name a few. I would frequently use all vacation leave to go skiing in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Then I finally met my wife while travelling of course! My wife is Indonesian so Bali is quite quickly becoming a second home! Then not only did it become planning travel for myself it also became a planning exercise for 2 people and then soon 2 adults and a couple of young children. Young kids have not stopped us from travelling still making frequent trips back to Indonesia and still planning trips further abroad. Up next is another ski trip – maybe Georgia or South America or Colorado or maybe even somewhere like Iran…

Providing Extraordinary Travel Experiences

You can expect world-class service and exceptional destination knowledge when working with me. With experience in planning and designing travel itineraries for clients from all walks of life, I have the expertise to create unforgettable journeys, whether it’s a round-the-world journey or a luxury bucket list adventure. With the backing of the esteemed Departure Lounge travel group, you can rest assured that your journey will be the trip of a lifetime. Call Alex Ironside – Travel Connections Club